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Ines Aranguren

Who would have imagined that after dreaming of being a fashion designer as a little girl, traveling abroad in my 20’s, designing in the floral industry, attending a top art school, and  working on Madison Avenue as a Senior Art Director for Fortune 500 companies, I would end up finding my true passion and love as a mother and Wedding Cake Designer.

Life takes many twists and turns…and that is exactly what happened. I learned the basics of baking from our beloved neighbor, Irene, when I was 12 years old. My mom had no interest in baking, but I wanted those delicious home baked goodies Irene would always bring over. I became the family baker!

When I began my college studies, I landed in the floral industry in Washington D.C. where I was raised. Then I traveled to South America for a couple of years my college years and meandered through many interests. Eventually, I ended up in New York at the renowned Pratt Institute. Once married, I joined the corporate world after freelancing as a graphic designer in the Big Apple for several years. Here I was on Madison Ave working at the Condé Nast’s Brides magazine and ultimately, the famed Revlon. I loved my job, I loved living in the city, I loved being married to the love of my life. But one thing was missing for many years – a child.

When Maya, our first daughter was born, my dreams came true. She filled our lives with light and joy. On her first birthday, she needed something special for the big celebration…a birthday cake! All the stops were pulled out, and I fell in love with cake decorating. By the time her younger sister Luisa, turned one, I was hooked. I set up shop and began making special cakes. A few years flew by and I was finally ready to take on the responsibility of making the most special cake most couples will ever purchase – their wedding cake.


So, why all of the background? Every experience, whether formal education or life experience has left me prepared to create unique and beautiful cake of any kind with a particular emphasis on wedding cakes.

Our cakes are delicious for we never bake and freeze ahead to get a jump of deadlines. We limit our bookings to be able to provide a truly custom experience and creation. Our ingredients are the best and we never use shortening in our frostings. This allow us to whip up frostings that literally melt in your mouth.

We are uniquely positioned to create almost any finish we can think of for the wedding cake or groom’s cake. Our finishes include glossy sheens, metallics, and pearls. We love to hand paint florals and create flourishes. The antiqued chalkboard look is easily achieved. We craft custom molds for details, string fondant, hand rolled pearls, and design jeweled flower centers.

We also have a not-so-secret weapon in the person of our silent-but-active partner, Giulio. He brings along a wealth of talent and expertise as an award winning art director of many years from the music industry in New York City. Having gathered armloads of graphic awards and been nominated several times for Best Packaging at the Grammy awards over the years, he is wonderful addition to the team.

Every time I design a cake, I draw upon all of that talent and design experience to create my brides and grooms a delicious, one of a kind cake.


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