Dear brides, grooms, and vendors:

As you may have noticed, I’m a little (very) obsessed with weddings – decidedly more so than when I was a bride. In fact, I began curating this site in February 2016 in response to my own experiences while planning my Charlotte wedding the year prior.

Search as I might, I was shocked to find that there was neither a local directory of all wedding vendors nor a regularly updated wedding website for the Charlotte area. What?! I figured that if I could just create a simple, alphabetical, non-advertising, and 100% unbiased list of every vendor in greater Charlotte – in one place – that it could be of use to the next bride coming through. My goodness, even a list of every local dress shop was yet to be created! So my brand new husband taught himself how to code, and we got to work. BUT before we knew it, Charlotte Brides had quickly snowballed into an online bridal publication, calendar of local events, and community of brides and newlyweds!

Each and every real wedding on Charlotte Brides celebrates a unique love story along with picture-perfect details and Pinterest-worthy ideas via local vendors. I am both honored to help write these features and proud to share them with you here. Beyond writing, one of my favorite roles as an editor is that of the producer and/or consultant for our original editorial shoots. Charlotte wedding vendors definitely do dream up some incredible inspiration! I am always open to providing resources in-kind, assistance with production, and an outlet by which to publish and promote in the gratuitous spirit of collaboration.

In closing, I thank you for your readership and continued support of Charlotte’s first and only comprehensive bridal resource and community, Charlotte Brides. As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, requests, suggestions, or concerns. Pssst… Know that my Mondays are always open for meetings – vendor, “friendor,” or bride!


Therese V. Brooks
Founder, Owner, Editor