Brides of Charlotte Submissions

Brides of Charlotte is a community of brides, grooms, newlyweds, and lifelong sweethearts. What makes this project wonderful is that it is so inclusive and community-based. You don’t have to have a six figure wedding that took place within the last year to have a wonderful love story or great advice. You can be 70 years old and have tied the knot in a little white dress at the courthouse. Or maybe you’re a mom thrice over who’s learned a thing or two about the importance of date nights. What you’ve got to offer is valuable and noteworthy. And hey, your wedding ought to be featured too! Style is style – old or new, borrowed or blue.
  • Please include the name of the venue and the city if not in the Charlotte area.
  • Any specific vendors you would like to highlight?
  • Please pick just TWO-FOUR questions to answer from the list below to answer.
  • Please attach a few of your favorite wedding photos. Photos may be from bridal portraits or the day of the wedding, but the subject(s) must be in their wedding attire. The wedding doesn’t necessary have to have occurred in Charlotte (bonus points if so), but the couple must be Charlottean, live nearby, or have ties to the city (including family members).
  • Drop files here or