More Than Just a Groom’s Gift: Why Bridal Boudoir?

All Feature Photos by Voulez Boudoir by Casey Hendrickson

Boudoir photography is ever-growing in popularity as a must-have for many brides. Photos can provide a very personal groom’s gift, a sensual outlet, and an empowering testament to every bride’s unique beauty and inner super-model. Here, we discuss the various reasons brides book boudoir.

1Boudoir is a celebration of every body type. Look through any photo artist’s portfolio. Sure, there are those implied nude editorials with high contrast images and lovely hip bone and clavicle pops. But keep looking. You’ll also find buxom babes in sultry poses and bespoke lingerie, and you’ll wonder aloud why there’s not more diversity glossing our catalogs.

2That album is worth its weight in gold on the night of the wedding. But no one will ever tell you this. Turn on that Safe Search and then Google: “sex on wedding night.” One finding mentions this unbelievable statistic – that over half of all couples don’t have sex on their wedding night!
As most will attest, the wedding day is absolutely exhausting. First, you wake up uber early to primp, greet family members, and worry about your vows. Then you’re on this emotional roller coaster throughout the ceremony. From there, you are part host, part model, and part celebrity. And you’re passed champagne continually, though you may not ever consume a proper meal… You get back to the hotel room, and there’s this moment of “now what?” before resting your weary heads. But… What if that moment involved the presentation of a personalized and once-in-a-lifetime gift to blow your beloved’s mind?

When the wedding night finally arrived, my bridal boudoir album made for more than just the perfect groom’s gift. Truly, you could consider it this essential way to transition from wedding day to wedding night.

After the groom and I sat down to look at the album together, everything seemed to just slow down. It gave us a moment to pause and to have some quiet time together after such a wonderful whirlwind of a wedding. We were then able to switch gears and to just focus on each other for our first night as husband and wife. Those moments alone made the entire photo session process – from hair and makeup to finished album – completely worth it.

3Sure it’s a great groom’s gift, but it keeps on giving well past that wedding date. Hello! This is NOT a onetime event, ladies. Keep this one in your arsenal, and it may be your most utilized gift. Imagine having sexy (but tasteful) images to text your husband while at work. Instantly, he’s flooded with memories of your wedding day – and night. Maybe you’re both exhausted at the end of the day, but you imagine him lusting for you while sitting in traffic. And that’s enough to encourage connection the second you greet at the door!

4A boudoir session is a chance to show off. There’s a grand chance that before the wedding, you’ve put some sort of largely-unnecessary-yet-noticeable effort into looking fabulous. And you may even be in the best shape of your life. Many brides exercise to tone muscles and lose excess weight (“sweating for the wedding” is a trademarked phrase for a reason), cut simple carbs, whiten their teeth, perfect a skin care regimen, find their perfect hairstyle, etc. Why not have photographic proof of your own heyday?

5It’s tradition. Mark the milestone. You are a bride, and there’s something incredibly special about celebrating this moment in every way possible – including with sensual photos for your betrothed.

6Pamper yourself and make it a girls’ day. Take a break from the worry of wedding planning. Enjoy the whole shebang: an entire crew of hair and makeup artists, studio lighting, champagne or cocktails, and luxurious lingerie.

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